We are a web agency specialized in creating online marketplaces. We can help you with concept development, design, programming, launch and business growth.

PS: We love using growth hacking techniques to kickstart a project.

Our values

Teamwork. Simplicity. Effectiveness. Creativity. Accountability. Passion. Excellence. Curiosity.

What do we stand for?

The black goat's (chamois’, the county’s symbol) character defines the core value set we strive to live by. The black goat is always in perfect balance, climbing high peaks, flexible in its movements and determined by its way of living and ability to decide how to overcome the difficulties that lie ahead.
Defined by these attributes, working with us comes with a sense of uniqueness, as we always try to meet our clients’ needs and preferences and guide them towards reaching their goals.

The company

The company is based in Baia Mare, an inspiring small town located in Maramures, surrounded by hills and mountains.
On the other side, most of our clients are located in USA, Denmark, Switzerland and Romania. We rarely meet, but our online communication process has always been smooth.