Online marketplace connecting car owners with the best auto repair shops close by

“How do I find a trusted repair shop to fix my car?” - A desperate car owner in Romania

This question ambitioned us to work on the idea behind Car owners in Romania are terrified when they have to take their car to a repair shop, be it only for a standard check.

We have created a place where car owners can find trusted repair shops all across Romania.

How does it work?

A car owner sends a quote request filling in details about the car, the problem he wants fixed, the period when the repair should take place, and the location. All qualified repair shops around are notified and have the possibility to send a price quote.

The whole process is done online and takes only a few minutes.

What are the benefits of using

As a car owner, you are certain that only qualified and pre-approved repair shops are bidding on your request. Moreover, the whole process is simple, fast and secure. Best of all, you get to save a lot of time and money by comparing the price quotes and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

On the other hand, repair shops get access to new leads in a very easy and cost effective way. services are available online and on the iOS app.

At the moment, the project is available only on the Romanian market and it's managed by our team.